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Driving under the influence, often referred to as DUI, DWI or OUI; and boating under the influence (BUI, BWI) is one of the most common crimes committed in the United States. Because the crime is so common, people often take these arrests lightly. Some states, including Florida, are putting their proverbial feet down regarding DUI convictions.

Because of the penalties associated with DUI, you should contact an experienced DUI attorney such as Attorney Robert J. Lee if you are arrested for driving or boating under the influence. Sometimes good people make mistakes; and sometimes the police make mistakes. It is not unheard of for someone with a medical condition to be arrested for DUI.


Penalties for driving or boating under the influence could range from a fine to jail time. The penalties are based on the circumstances of the incident and the number of times you have been arrested for DUI.

In Florida, you could also be charged with DUI manslaughter — even on your first DUI conviction – if someone dies as a result an accident you were involved in if the police believe you may have been drinking or under the influence of drugs.

The stakes for a DUI conviction can be very high and should not be something you should try to handle on your own, especially if a medical issue or legal prescription drugs that adversely affected you was the cause of the accident.

Help from an Experienced Florida DUI Attorney

An experienced DUI attorney will explain the charges against you and explain your rights under the law. The attorney will also ask prosecutors for discovery so that he can determine whether your rights were violated by illegal police actions. Once the attorney views the video, he will determine which defenses are best to use for your case.

Whether the police think you were inebriated or you were allegedly drinking and driving, Attorney Robert J. Lee will ensure that your rights are met during the legal action against you.

Choosing the Right Attorney

Choose Attorney Robert J. Lee as your DUI attorney. He and his firm are experienced in DUI law and in determining whether the police made a mistake while arresting you, for example, forgetting to read the Miranda Rights to you. Robert J. Lee P.A. offers free consultations and low retainer rates. We also offer flexible appointment availability so you can take little to no time off work for your initial appointment.

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