Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you case involves a red light camera or a federal crime, Robert J. Lee is ready to defend your case.  During your legal proceedings, Robert J. Lee will serve as your counselor at law, fighting to ensure you get a fair Trial and challenging any evidence that has been unlawfully obtained by the Police.

Robert J. Lee has defended hundreds of criminal matters and has taken cases, including DUI and Drug Crimes,  to Jury Trial. His experienced legal team will:

  • Perform a detailed investigation into your case to uncover exculpatory evidence, if any
  • Interview all parties involved and depose individuals as necessary
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges reduced or dropped, if possible
  • Formulate a defense strategy to attack the prosecution’s case
  • Take your case to Trial

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime or needs the assistance of an experienced attorney, contact Robert J. Lee today to set up an initial case evaluation.

Don’t give the prosecution one more second to build their case, call our criminal defense attorneys now, 305-503-5322.

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