Miami Car Dealership Fraud Lawyer

Buying a car is a stressful process. Buying a car from an unscrupulous car dealership is a nightmare. However, if you feel that you have been wronged in your vehicle purchase, you may be entitled to recover damages.

Florida Law protects consumers like you from the actions of predatory car dealerships under certain circumstances. Knowing your rights is the first step towards righting the car dealership’s wrongs. Several examples of illegal activity by car dealerships are as follows:

  • Misrepresenting whether or not the vehicle has been involved in an accident
  • Misrepresenting the vehicle’s prior history or other material facts about the vehicle
  • Misrepresenting the vehicle’s mileage
  • Misrepresenting the vehicle’s warranty coverage
  • Backdating contracts
  • Failure of the car dealership to sign agreements

Attorney Robert J. Lee: Car Dealership Fraud

Purchasing a car was a complex process. Litigating against a car dealership is even more so. If you believe that you may have a car dealership fraud case, contact car dealership fraud lawyer Robert J. Lee now at 305-503-5322 for a free consultation.

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