Miami Drug Lawyer

Most drug crimes cost you significant time and money in the form of jail time and finds. Furthermore, the conviction stays on your record for life, thus affecting your ability to get an apartment, get a job and even your ability to get a loan.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, no matter how insignificant you might think it is, you should contact an experienced Florida drug crime attorney to represent you. Even if the police say it’s nothing more than a misdemeanor, if you are convicted, it could affect you for the rest of your life.

What Can a Drug Crime Attorney Do for Me?

If you consult with a drug crime attorney, you will better understand the charges against you, what legal options you have, and most importantly, your constitutional rights. Often – and depending on the circumstances — a Florida criminal lawyer such as Attorney Robert J. Lee may be able to obtain a favorable plea deal for you. The attorney may even be able to get the charges against you dropped.

While you may not be able to discuss negotiations with the prosecutor, attorneys usually can and do conduct negotiations for – at the minimum – a lesser charge. Circumstances wherein the attorney may be able to get the charges dropped include arrests where the police made a mistake, arresting someone for prescription drug use when the person has valid prescriptions, and other cases that depend on the circumstances of the case.

What if I Don’t Think I Can Afford an Attorney?

Our office offers free consultations and low retainer rates. We also have flexible appointment availability. You are sure to get personal attention on your case, so scheduling a consultation right away should be the first thing you do so that we can start working on obtaining any evidence the state might have against you.

When Should I Contact a Criminal Attorney?

You should contact a criminal attorney as soon as possible. If you are allowed only one phone call from jail and you must call a relative, have a relative contact our office immediately. The key to working out a favorable outcome is to contact an attorney quickly. When your friend or relative calls, he or she should have as much information as possible, but at the very least, the charges against you and where you are located.

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